Moses Albert Nantais

Dec 30, 1884 - Apr 03, 1954

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This photo was taken October 18, 1914. This photo is of Jean Baptiste Damian Nantais (seated), Emilien Basile Nantais (standing on the left), Moses Albert Nantais (standing on the right), and the baby is Melvin Albert Nantais Photo courtesy of MaryCarol Saad

This photo is of "Albert" Nantais and his wife Clara Grones. It was taken May 20, 1950 at the wedding of their daughter Kathleen.
Photo courtesy of Colleen Halper

This photo is of a Euchre Club that met in Windsor. This is a snapshot. On the front is penned: June 1952. On the back is penned: Jan 15, 1952 Euchre Club Canada.
Most of the couples have the woman seated while the husband stands behind her. Some have been identified and others are not. If you can help with identification please email me.

1) unknown couple 2) Shirley & Tom Crowley 3)Clara and Albert Nantais 4)unknown couple 5)unknown couple 6) Catherine and Melvin Nantais 7)unknown couple 8)unknown couple 9)unknown gentleman 10)unknown couple